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$ 325.00


Purchase of a 2021-2022 Unlimited Season Pass includes the remainder of the 2020-2021 season effective March 1, 2021.

Upon purchase and completion of all required information this season pass will be available for pickup at the Ski Big Bear ticket office. Do not damage, destroy or discard the RFID card season pass. Using this card for future season pass reloads will save you the media fee on future purchases. It can be used multiple times. This card is subject to wear and tear under normal use and will need replacement at the expense of the purchaser at some point in the future. Please place your RFID card in your left jacket or pants pocket as sensors will read the card on the left side of your body. Avoid placing your cell phone near your RFID card. We suggest placing cell phones in your right pocket.

Ski conditions are subject to change based on weather, use, snowmaking and other factors. Refunds are not available for weather or changes in ski conditions.

PLEASE READ! Acceptance of this lift ticket constitutes a contract. The conditions of the contract are set forth below and will prevent or restrict your ability to sue Recreation Management Corporation dba Ski Big Bear (“Ski Big Bear”).

This ticket may not be given or loaned to anyone under any circumstances. Misuse of any type of ticket or photo ID that allows for ski privileges will result in a fine, loss of ski privileges and/or possible criminal prosecution for theft of services. Passes must be available for inspection at all times while skiing. Tickets or passes may be revoked for failure to comply with the NSAA Skiers Responsibility Code or inappropriate behavior as determined by Ski Big Bear management.

Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard skiing, including the use of lifts, is a dangerous sport with inherent and other risks. These risks include but are not limited to, use of surface lifts and chairlifts, variations in snow, steepness and terrain, trail side drop-offs, ice and icy conditions, moguls, rocks, trees and other forms of forest growth or debris (above or below the surface), bare spots, lift towers, utility lines, poles and guy wires, snowmaking equipment and component parts, trail fences and the absence of such fences and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles or other skiers. Trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and skier use. These are some of the risks of skiing. All of the inherent and other risks of skiing present the risk of serious and/or fatal injury. The chairlift can drip lubricants and other matter especially during weather variations. The Management and Owners of Ski Big Bear are not responsible for damage to clothing or equipment.

In consideration of using Ski Big Bear’s ski facilities I, the purchaser, assume the risk of injury while participating in the sport, agree to accept the risks of skiing and agree that I will not sue and will release from any and all liability Ski Big Bear if I or any member of my family is injured while using any of the Ski Big Bear facilities or while being present at the facilities, even if I contend that such injuries are the result of negligence, including gross negligence, or any other improper conduct for which a release is not contrary to public policy, on the part of Ski Big Bear. I agree that all disputes arising under this contract and/or from my use of the facilities at Ski Big Bear shall be litigated exclusively in the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County or in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Policies and Regulations:

1. Passes must be available for inspection at all times while on the mountain. Season pass holders must be willing to remove facial coverings to verify identity upon request.

2. Season passes are not transferable. Passes may not be copied, given or loaned to anyone under any circumstances. If a pass is in the possession of another guest, that guest will be charged the full price of a lift ticket and may be charged with trespassing and the appropriate fines applied through the local magistrate's office.

3. A misused season pass will be voided with no refund.

4. If a pass is lost or stolen, the pass holder must report the loss immediately to the ticket office. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of the pass without a refund. A replacement pass will cost $20.

5. The Unlimited Season Pass is valid anytime we are open from the time the pass is purchased through the end of the season for which the season pass was purchased. This policy is subject to change if under any circumstances restrictions may become necessary.

6. A child 5 years old and younger is eligible to receive a complimentary season pass if a parent buys a season pass. The child must remain 5 years old through January 15th, 2022 to be eligible. There is one free pass per paying adult and must be requested through the ski office.

7. Season passes are non-refundable. A credit for the next season will be given for a season pass returned to us based on an established schedule due to injury as documented by a physician. The schedule will be followed regardless of the date of purchase of the pass. The schedule for credit can be found here: (missing hyperlink?)

8. Ski Big Bear reserves the right to periodically close certain trails and lifts to all skiers and/or snowboarders selectively, for operational purposes at its sole discretion.

9. No season pass holder shall engage in conduct that is reckless, unlawful, illegal, inappropriate or offensive, or dangerous to the pass holder, other guests or property as determined by Ski Big Bear Management while on Masthope Mountain community property.

10. Ski Big Bear reserves the right to revoke or suspend a season pass for any violation of the season pass contract or rules and regulations. For any violation, a season pass may be removed and suspended by a member of the ski patrol, department manager, general manager or other authorized personnel of Ski Big Bear.

11. The NSAA Responsibility Code must be followed at all times.

12. The chairlift can drip lubricants and other matter especially during weather variations. The Management and Owners of Ski Big Bear are not responsible for damage to clothing or equipment.

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